Stuyvesant HS Class 1980 logo The Daniel Bergstein/SHS'80 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Commemorative Stuy’80/Dan Bergstein Frisbee

Over 95% of your contribution goes directly to the endowment that produces our annual scholarship awards. And every year, our awards have grown in size and number. In 2008, we will have awarded $10,000 in unrestricted scholarships to Stuyvesant students.

This year, through the generosity of one of the Advisors to the Fund, we are pleased to further recognize your contributions with a commemorative frisbee, as a token of our appreciation for your continued support. (This is an excellent quality, official 175-gram Discraft product.)

Commemorative Stuy’80/Dan Bergstein Frisbee Commemorative Stuy’80/Dan Bergstein Frisbee

Be sure to notify us directly, at, specifying your preference of white versus light blue discs, and also provide a mailing address. Your email should confirm on what date you made a contribution to the Fund. We estimate shipping time at about 4-6 weeks. (For tax purposes, the disc has zero commercial value.)