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The following Stuyvesant graduates were recipients of past awards:

2015 Nadia Saleh  
2014 Tiffany Tsai Tiffany Tsai
2013 Alfred Tsai
2012 Elina Bystritskaya
Melissa Seto (Honorable mention)
2011 Tiana Stute - Barnard Tiana Stute
2010 Emma Ziegellaub Eichler Emma Ziegellaub Eichler
Patrick Fu (Honorable Mention)
2009 Gayatri Malhotra* Gayatri Malhotra
Megan Ng (Honorable Mention)
2008 Alice Xu Alice Xu

Cindy Huang

“The most remarkable thing I’ve learned this year is that Columbia is a lot like Stuy, and I mean that in the best possible way. Both are full of passionate learners and forward thinkers, and comprise a diverse, eclectic and inspiring mix of students from a multitude of backgrounds. I loved my four years at Stuyvesant and it seems that I’ll love my time at Columbia just as much. Thank you so much for helping Stuyvesant students continue their fantastic education at Columbia.”

—Cindy Huang ’07
2006 Sarah Soffes
Cindy Guan

David Mao (Honorable mention)
2005 Che Rain Bian
Victor Chiang (Honorable mention)
2004 Laurie Wang*
2003 Alice Zhao Chen

*Barnard College