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Apply for Scholarship

Each year, the Fund offers an unrestricted scholarship to at least one Stuyvesant student matriculating at Columbia University, Barnard College or the City University of New York. The value of the award varies from year to year, based on Endowment proceeds, but shall not be less than $1000. In 2018, the award is $1980, and is unrestricted, to be used by the recipient in the way s/he sees fit. It is issued on a needs-blind basis, and without regard to financial aid provided by Columbia, Barnard or CUNY. The Advisors and SHSAA reserve the right to issue multiple awards, when proceeds from the endowment or dedicated gifts permit.

Eligibility: Applicants must graduate in good-standing from Stuyvesant, and must have committed to attend a Fall semester degree program at either Columbia, Barnard or CUNY. Awards shall be issued by SHSAA and/or through the university.

Application format: In a letter-form statement under 750 words, please address one of the following:

Option A: Technology: Will it save us or enslave us?

Option B: In America, is patriotism the exclusive purview of either the 'right wing' or the 'left wing'?

Option C: Why I do/do not want guns in my classroom...

The topics are intentionally open-ended. Essays are judged on content, style and conviction.

Letter of Recommendation: At least one letter is required; two is better. Letters can use the SHSAA format or canshould be directed to the Scholarship Fund and should clearly indicate the student who is being supported. The letter can come from anyone who knows the applicant—a friend, a sibling, a teacher, a coach.

Deadline: Complete applications must be received by SHSAA by 5pm, May 4th, 2018

Submission by e-mail: All applications must be received by email via SHSAA (

Announcement flyers are posted at Stuyvesant High School each year.

Contact information: All applications must include full name, postal address, a contact phone number, and an email address. Additional information about the scholarship fund is on Facebook.